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Are you experiencing difficulties in a relationship? Recovering from loss? Anxious? Do you feel depressed? Be welcomed into a safe and confidential space.

About Kate

I am Kate and my hope is that if you meet me you will find me real and open to helping you. I will help you grow and as a bi-product I experience growth too. I am always open to your feedback and welcome your openness with me. I believe that healing comes from this therapeutic relationship above any models of theory or any other intervention.

I too have been on a therapeutic journey. Life has thrown me my own dose of trauma and loss without which I would not be the therapist that I am today. My own pain has given me a great empathy with the pain of others. I will not pretend to know how you feel – but I believe that I can get as close to it as possible.

I have been working as a psychotherapist and counsellor for 16 years. I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick. I am a very good listener, am open-minded and I do not judge. I want to get to know you at a pace that suits you. I am interested in how you think, how you feel and how you behave. I want to meet you where you are at.

Prior to becoming a therapist I worked with troubled young people. For many years I worked in a project that supported young girls who were involved in sexual exploitation or were survivors of it. This led me into drug education and I often taught teenagers about how to avoid grooming in schools. I did further work with adolescents (boys and girls) who were socially disadvantaged, drug users or children of drug addicts. I worked with a number of charities doing similar work for a long time. But then I felt I wanted to take a different direction from support and teaching work. I wanted to be able to work at a deeper level.

When I gained an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy I began working with people at this depth. I gained an interest in personality disorders and did further training. I also studied shorter-term treatments such as hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and EMDR. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and I have never succeeded in quenching it. I wanted to learn what helps people. I explored many ‘alternative healings’ and even trained in some of them myself out of my own personal interest. In recent years I have found myself drawn to people and their spirituality. I think religious and spiritual beliefs are a vital part of someone’s psyche.

I had four years of rigorous psychotherapy training where I had to attend my own personal therapy weekly. There was no way I could avoid my own issues. Four years then turned into five as I stayed and completed supervisor training. This gave me a greater diversity in my work as I also clinically supervise other therapists. I continue to learn. I read, I attend various training and workshops. I go to my own clinical supervisor regularly and from time to time I go back to therapy. But like you, I do most of my learning within our healing relationship together.

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