Headway counselling and therapy

Are you experiencing difficulties in a relationship? Recovering from loss? Anxious? Do you feel depressed? Be welcomed into a safe and confidential space.


Usually longer-term, deeper work


Usually more solution-focused. Often shorter work than psychotherapy

Clinical Supervision

For other mental health professionals to discuss their practice, their own process and present their clients

How I Can Help

Are you looking for help and support? Do you feel that you need to heal or bring change to your life? Perhaps you are looking for someone to talk to who will listen without bias or judgement?

You may be wanting to have short-term counselling or coaching to work on a particular issue or goal. However, it could be that you are seeking longer-term therapy to process your thoughts and feelings or to make sense of your patterns or behaviours. You would be safely in the hands of a therapist with thousands of hours of experience in a range of psychological issues.

Katharine Northall

Remote Therapy

If you are based in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, then you may wish to meet face to face. If you are not in these areas, then we can either speak on the telephone or on a variety of video platforms. They are very popular nowadays with clients who prefer to have therapy in the comfort of their own home. Consequently, it does not matter where you are in the world. Clients from various continents use Headway so geography is not a barrier. Headway works with adults plus children aged 10 plus.

A Healing Space

Are you experiencing difficulties in a relationship? Recovering from loss? Anxious? Do you feel depressed or have you been diagnosed with a personality disorder? This is list is not exhaustive – sometimes you may not actually know what it is, but maybe something just doesn’t feel right.

You will be welcomed to a safe and confidential space. You may want to come alone or with your partner or family to talk through your experiences, emotions, behaviours and thoughts. We come together to ‘unpick’ blockages such as negative thoughts and unhelpful patterns. We can look and explore together what might be going on and explore how you want to be different.

Man Individual Therapy
Woman Individual Therapy

Get Started Today

Whatever day or time suits you we aim to meet your needs. To contact for an appointment, to ask a question or to have a general chat about whether Headway is for you, please get in touch. Feel free to email, telephone or text or contact us through Social Media. All of these details can be found on the Contact page. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.